Yo, party people! I’m on the lookout for some particular friend safari pokemon:

- Clefairy
- Tangela
- Xatu
- Bronzong
- Paliptoad
- Eevee
- Sligoo
- Manectric
- Charmeleon
- Gogoat
- Azumarill

If you have any of these pokemon and don’t mind trading FC’s, please shoot me an ask!


Wake up as a bear villager in Sugarpea!

Marvel at the nine rocks and single pond, Lake Sugarpea while you see the sights~

The mischievous twins, Snowpea and Catnip, will give you a tour of their petshop and freshly built house, respectively. 

The Sugarpea Campgrounds is now up to date and full with wonderful public works projects that you can laze around on!

The recording studio in Mayor Aroa’s house has made a reappearance since the previous town, Tea, and you can now sneak in behind the scenes to record a hit all your own!

I encourage picture taking and critique; tag with “newleaftea”and I’ll take a look!

I hope you enjoy your stay uwu


Felt like drawing a deer, something furry and also something hopefully dinamic, so drew Bam from


@_@ wanted to do an alternate outfit for isabelle, i think she would look adorable in overall shorts to work in

Ah, I misspoke haha
I meant, since the mark is heart-shaped, special Pikachus are only female and so only females can change (not that all females can change)
But yes, you are correct!


yo yo i reached some more followers so might as well do another giveaway :DD

Rules: likes and multiple reblogs count

           dont have to be following me again (i wont really check so :0)

           you must have an acnl mayor and/or favorite villager

What u will win: 1st place: drawing of your mayor/favorite villager

                            2nd place: chib chab of mayor or villager

                            3rd place: a box of cookies baked by riley (icantcook)

ENDS this friday so like reblog until then! good luck :’D


Day 1 - Draw one of your dreamies

for the acnl challenge which i will t r y to do lmao

its cranston!! luv dis ostrich


i have some cute ass villagers

Hey, dudes! Have a spooky Halloween standee from this month’s Pikopuri!!

"Only Pikachus with a black heart on the tips of their tails can change clothes"

V interesting
So I’m assuming only female Pikachus can have the mark and change. I wonder if you can breed them?

This month’s Pikopuri came with an Isabelle purse!!

It’s a bit bigger than I was expecting but you know what they say; bigger is better!

I’m also planning to get the latest Corocoro issue on the 20th for the Pokemon ORAS demo code and I’m v pumped!!


The AC doodles are back.


aight, lets go fuck shit up


Finishing up the last couple of requests! Here’s akubii's lovely mayor Lizz and Kyle.